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Fun book with an intention!


Jan. 7, 2020

I received this book as a gift ot my 7 year old and she loved it. She loved the pictures and the story line about the curious cat. It resonated so much with my little one and it has become her favorite book. 

As a parent I love books that inspire my kids social acceptance, self-expression and independence.


My little just loves it!

New Zealand

May 25, 2020

My daughter and I enjoyed really Esme' Goes Global because throughout the story takes you on different adventures from the sky to different food cuisine's. Esme' is so cute and my daughter loves her black glasses because she wears glasses as well.


If you're reading this review and wondering should I purchase this book? Yes, buy it. There is lots of positive messages in this book and the words are built around connection to being brave, grateful and dreaming.

United States

May 24, 2020

I bought this book for my 3 year daughter because it has so many positive messages about being kind to others and being adventurous. The illustrations are also beautiful.


I would recommend this book for as a gift, for those you want to encourage to "step outside their comfort zone" and try something new. If Esme' the curious cat can do can you!


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