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Meet The Family

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Esme Design Final with White Glow Periwi


Approaching the world with a wide-open gaze, Esmè the Curious Cat travels the world seeking adventure, meaning, and connection in every space and situation she finds herself. Come along with us on the adventures of a lifetime with our fearless feline friend who leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes!


Erin Spencer


Erin is a digital illustrator, painter, and resin hobbyist, but creates in every free moment of the day, no matter the medium. Born and raised in Indiana, they adventured over to New Hampshire with their husband and two puppies after earning a B.S. in 3D Animation and Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. They are a self taught artist who has always spent their time illustrating and now work as a paint instructor, a children’s book illustrator, 2D video game animator, and a freelance illustrator juggling commissions on the side. Erin positively loves going to art shows and Comic Cons in the area and participates in artist alleys often to sell their prints and paintings. All in all, they are endlessly grateful to have a packed life doing what they love most - creating art in a multitude of ways, always to inspire.


EM Valentine


Author, adventurer & life-liver: EM is the brains and driving force behind the world of Esmè. She is an intrepid optimist with a keen sense of adventure, eye for design, hand in fundraising, and heart for philanthropy. EM writes all over the world and is on a mission to ignite and empower individuals and organizations to "be the change you wish to see in the world".



 Java Sparrow

Debuting in the book, Esmè the Curious Cat and the Great Sunrise Summit, Javi is a Java sparrow. Java sparrows, also known as a java finch, are a resident bird native to Java, Bali, and Bawean in the island country of Indonesia.

dax alone.png


Leatherback Turtle

Approaching the world with a wide-open gaze, Esmè the Curious Cat and the Voyage of Leatherback DaxDax is a leatherback sea turtle. The leatherback sea turtle, sometimes called the lute turtle or leathery turtle or simply the luth, is the largest of all living turtles and is the fourth-heaviest modern reptile behind three crocodilians. They are the largest sea turtle species and also one of the most migratory, crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  

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